Ruka Ruka

by Wild Dingo Band

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WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that these tracks and associated media may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

Recorded in Punmu Community located on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert, April 2015. This 9 track album was recorded by Matt in the Desert Feet truck studio, which was donated by Lotterywest


released June 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Wild Dingo Band WA, Australia

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Track Name: Jiji Ulani
Jiji Ulani - Kids are Crying

I'm standing alone in my house
hearing kids are crying
and I go out to one kid and ask him
where's your mum and dad?
and he told me they're over there west
in Newman town drinking beer

I told them come back, come back, come back, kids are crying
come back and look after your kids
come back they are crying
Track Name: Sunset
Sunset - Ruka Ruka

I'm getting homesick,
I want to go back,
Home is still living by itself,
For a long time I haven't been back,

There is a place I grew up in the East,
and every sunset in a different place somebody else's land,
I'm standing by myself wondering,
Sun is going down and the night came,

I'm lying down in my bed thinking about my homeland,
Punmu Parngurr Kunawaritji,
Its our home for martu people,
(Kartugarra warnmun margiljarra)
Its Our Home
Track Name: Kunawarritji
Kunawarritji - (Name of a place)

I was staying for a long time in Newman town
we were drinking till the sun went down
and I feel lonely, I want to go back
where my grandfather, there he is staying by himself.
I want to go back to Kunawarritji
Track Name: Yina Ngarri
Yina Ngarri - The Place Home

I was staying in another place
I was listening to myself.
There is a place east of Canning Stock Road,
the place is there nearby the windy corner,
and I went there to see the place for
my grandfather and my grandmother, the place
called Yina Ngarri.
Track Name: Yimmiri
Yimirri - Name of a waterhole

I was over there, I was staying there for a long time
in Newman town drinking grog,
and there is a place East called Yimirri

There is a waterhole for my grandfather
and my grandmother and for me and for you.
The place called Yimmirri